Our values revolve around the following principles: Love, Commitment, NVC, Trust, Respect, Service, Purpose, Growth, Feminism,  Sex-Positiveness, Honesty and Empowerment.  We embrace a clothing optional lifestyle free from the guilt and body shaming that is so visceral in American mainstream media,  and the Beauty/Cosmetics industry. 

... is to co-create a poly family focused, LGBTQ+, sex-postive intentional community founded in concert with principles of connection, harmony, sustainability through service, income-sharing, and ecological stewardship.



We are committed to the co-creation of a small intentional community/poly family of between 5-8 people focused on close knit connections and sharing of our lives and livelihood where harmony, nonviolent communication, sustainability through service, respect, providing purpose and growth are all soundly integrated into every facets of our lives. We seek to build a sustainable income sharing model based on logistics to support the wildland fire and incident response communities.  We want to reduce our dependence on the mainstream culture through growing & raising a substantial portion of our own food, implementing rotational grazing, water conservation and reducing our carbon footprint. We will strive to become better ecological stewards. Through labor sharing efforts, we hope to strengthen our bonds with other local intentional communities.