Cardinal Ridge is currently in the process of defining our membership process. Any requests for membership will start with a 3 week visit to the community to give you a chance to see the community in action and get an understanding of what life would be like if you were to want to become a full member. Once your 3 week stay is complete, the community will evaluate your stay both with you present for feedback and your thoughts, as well as separately to get a feel for the collective communities thought on how they feel.  

Please check back on this page for further information on our Membership Process.

Membership Process


Cardinal Ridge currently accepting single parents, small families, expecting mothers, LGBTQ/Kink, and of course cis-gendered women and men.

Currently we are in the planning stages of our own baby making process so we are especially interested in expecting mothers, and single parents/families with new born or infant children. We feel it is important for children to have other children to play with and learn from so we have no desire for our child to be the only one in community.