The community/family shares a lovely 3 Bed 3.5 Bath home. There is the potential to add 2 more rooms within the existing structure. The living room, dining room, kitchen is one large open communal area to congregate for cooking, sharing meals, having family meetings, playing board and card games, and just plain hanging out. There is a beautiful wrap-around porch and huge deck that offer spectacular views of the Blue Ridge mountains. We have a large pantry that gives us room to store plenty of food we can or preserve from our garden. We also have a loft that is our central place for conducting the operations of our business ventures. We conciously choose not to have cable or satellight TV, however we do enjoy high speed 5Gz Internet.

We have a four-stall barn that is central to our animal raising activities. There are two animal stalls and two 10x10 stalls that have been converted for equipment storage. From within the barn structure itself, we can feed grain and hay to the cows at two different feed stations as well provide water from two different troughs as well. We have 6 cows that we grass/pasture raised. Each cow gets a small bump of grain that is milled weekly by our local co-op so it is always fresh and we know what ingredients go into its production. We believe healthy happy non-stressed cows produce the best meat for our communities' consumption. Additionally, we hope to add meat goats to the farm early next spring to add browsers to our pasture management plan.


We have land set aside for an extensive herb garden as well as a full-size vegetable garden to support the needs of the community. Our goal is to grow, raise, or barter at least 75% of the food we consume. 


As a community, we are raising chickens primarily for their production of eggs. All of our chickens are brown egg layers and are free-range. In addition to foraging for insects and worms, the chickens are fed a layer feed that is also milled weekly by our local co-op and contains no antibiotics, steroids, hormones and is non-GMO.
Our chickens produce more eggs than we consume so we barter with the dairy next to us for milk, butter and cheese in exchange for eggs. We don't consume enough dairy products for it to be an even trade so additional cartons of eggs are purchased by the dairy to sell to their other customers. This income generates enough money to pay for the chickens feed from the co-op.

The views here at Cardinal Ridge are ever changing with the coming and going of all four seasons. But one thing is for sure, they are ALWAYS spectacular!