From 2000 to 2016 an average of 7.15 MILLION acres of our National Forests have burned each year affecting our clean air and water, destroying natural habitat, and devastating many communities who live in these areas.



We are focused on the big picture of working nationally to sustain our forests, watersheds, clean air and our environment for current and future generations through providing much needed logistical support services to the wildland fire and all-risk incident communities. What better way too truly make an impact on the environment than to serve the men and woman who everyday risk their lives to protect and care for our natural resources.



Every year, more that 20,000 wildland firefighters and first responders are called upon to wildland fires, hurricanes, tornado, flood, and many other natural disasters that strike the United States. But who supports these men and women on the front lines? Who feeds them? Where do they get a shower? Wash their hands? Sleep? Who provides other logistical support such as communications or aviation command trailers, water tenders, bulldozers and other heavy equipment?  The answer in is independent, privately owned contractors and vendors who have purchased these kinds of equipment and lease them to the government (USFS, BLM, FEMA) during wildland or all risk incidents.

Our will community will purchase several pieces of equipment and become one of these all too important vendors that provide these desperately needed logistical support. The funds generated by this venture will be re-invested in additional equipment as well be used to support the community in its income sharing model.